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Japanese Father's Parenting Diary


Recently, I live with a fifth-grade boy.

It does not mean I abducted him, nor he asked for revenge or bodyguards as in the movie "Leon."

I simply started living with a woman with a fifth-grade kid.

When I started living with a fifth-grade kid, I have noticed I thought about a lot of things from the perspective of raising children.

Of course, there are a lot of successes and mistakes.

So I decided to write down such notices and mistakes as Parenting Diary.

I used to do research in the field of cultural anthropology and did fieldwork.

It is said that it is better to keep a diary while doing fieldwork because one can view oneself from a third person's perspective.

I think raising children and interacting with children is a kind of fieldwork.

I thought by keeping Parenting Diary, I see myself from the third person's perspectives.

It would be an opportunity to revisit how to treat my child while observing myself like that.

Here, I would like to share success stories and failure cases of actual experiences and worries and exchange opinions.

Also, I would like to support parents who are worried about their child and child care by letting them use this diary as a reference.

Thankfully, a new child will be born in January.

Although it is still an unknown world for me, I would like to share what Newborn Baby and 5th graders will teach me.

So, this is the beginning of the Japanese Father's Parenting Diary.

-Parenting Diary
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